Steven Warner / Drama

My Dream idea would make it possible to share my past experiences in entertainment with my current group of graduate students. Before joining the Drama Department in 2006, I worked for the world renowned Cirque Du Soleil as part of two of the most impressive shows ever built; “O” at the Bellagio and “KA” at the MGM Grand Resort. Over the last six years I’ve worked hard to keep lines of communication open with my past employer and by doing so I have created opportunities for students as they enter the job market. We currently have 3 Alum working for Cirque du Soleil in various shows and positions on the Las Vegas strip.

My dream is to take our current group of 5 Technical Directors on a trip they will never forget. A trip to see Cirque du Soleil’s most successful shows; “O”, “KA”, “LOVE”, and “Zarkana”. We will not only be seeing the shows as most audience members do but we would also have the opportunity to explore behind the scenes on exclusive tours given by top experts in the various fields of technical entertainment. Going to Las Vegas is the only way to experience such a rich variety of expression through theatrical arts. On the trip the student will have the opportunity to connect with our Alumni and explore opportunities with Cirque du Soleil. During the trip I look forward to getting to know our students better by creating lasting impressions with them that will hopeful lead to challenging and fulfilling careers in entertainment.

The trip would be over a long weekend in November and would be power packed. Seeing 4 shows in three nights and taking tours during the day. The Mead Endowment program is the only way this trip can be made possible.

Here’s a quick budget for as many as 5 MFA students and myself.

Flights and Hotel for 4 nights = 3900/6 travelers. Will include 6 plane tickets to Las Vegas and 3 hotel rooms at the Monte Carlo Resort.
4 Show Tickets for each traveler will be arranged and free with my connections.
Tours will be arranged and free with my connections.

Mead Endowment Program would sponsor $3000 toward the trip
Arts and Science faculty travel would cover my portion up to $900 through.

Leading up to the trip I will be meeting with the students and planning the stay with them. We will reach out to Alumni together and strengthen these relationships while learning about Circus arts and what inspires these individuals. Of course while on the trip we will be taking photos, notes, posting journal entries on a Facebook site, and returning with a wealth of experiences to share.