The COLLEY Award was funded by his former students.  It allows one faculty member from DARDEN to participate in the Mead program each year.

The Darden School has its own embodiment of the Jeffersonian vision of teacher. John Colley has always taken a special interest in students, attending their parties and often inviting them to lunch at a local “greasy spoon” or offering independent studies for a semester. What started over 20 years ago as a reading seminar of 11 students, meeting weekly at local restaurant, grew into a series of reading courses now attended by well over half the second year class. Special reading seminars on Thomas Jefferson held in the Colonnade Club are now also attended by undergraduate Jefferson Scholars.

John Colley has strived to bring Darden students into the University-wide community and has worked enthusiastically in support of the Honor System, the Raven Society, and other University organizations. An avid fan of University athletics, he has missed less than a dozen home football or basketball games in 40 years and was even named Guest Coach for a football game.

His involvement with students continues well beyond graduation. He keeps in touch with scores of alumni – hundreds really – and runs what is essentially an informal employment service by connecting alumni with students and providing advice whenever asked. He continues to bring many successful alumni back into the classroom, providing students with an enriched, interpersonal experience so prized by Jefferson himself.