Support faculty-student engagement.

Many of our most committed donor never knew Mr. Mead.  They give because they are inspired by our mission…and our results. Plus, it’s fun!

On June 13, 2018, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Mr. Mead’s birth, with parties in five cities and a coast-to-coast toast.

We were also celebrating the success of our fundraising drive, in which we surpassed out goal to increase the endowment by 50%.  This will allow us to expand our program in two important ways:

1. Start expanding the Welcome Dinners for New Faculty to the entire University.  (Previously this program covered only the College of Arts & Sciences and was directly funded by John and Amy Griffin.) 

2. Expand Mead Money to the entire University. (Previously the program covered only the College, McIntire, SEAS and Darden.)

Thanks to everyone who contributed! But there is so much more we can do!

Donations of any size are deeply appreciated, tax deductible and count toward class reunion giving goals. For more info, contact: Tom Darbyshire, Chairman, or Molly Bass, UVA Alumni Association.

Join our Advisory Board.

Over sixty alumni have demonstrated their commitment to the program with membership-level gifts of $10,000 or more, typically pledged over a five-year period. Members are invited to attend the Rotunda dinner each September and enjoy regular email updates from faculty about their projects with students.

 To join the board, simply email Molly Bass with language spelling out your intentions:

 “I, (NAME HERE) pledge $(10,000 or more) to join the Advisory Board of the Mead Endowment at the University of Virginia, payable in installments of $(2000 or more) each year for (5 or fewer) years.  Please send me reminders each year in (MONTH)."

Advisory Board