Sybil Scholz / German

I will be teaching a German Conversation & Composition class in the spring term of 2015. In this class, I would like to realize a project with a group of students (15 max).

The project is centered around creating an internet presence for perspectives of a Young Germany which will be linked to the German Department homepage. The aim is to reach out to UVA students and all those students who are interested in learning about Germany today and create a differentiated portrayal void of clichés and stereotypes.

Key points will be interviewing young German nationals in areas such as music, sports, politics, traditions, and future visions for Germany. These Germans live within an area our students have access to (e.g. DC). Ideally, additional material will come from interviews with officials, such as German Embassy personnel or German media correspondents. An example is Ms. Hanni Hüsch who spent many years as the foreign correspondent for Germany’s main public TV channel. She has just published a book on how Germany/Germans are perceived abroad. These interviews could also be conducted via Cisco video conference.

Expenses are for travel, materials students need, and possible software.