Nicole Votolato Montgomery 

This Mead Dream Idea is to bring together a group of students outside of a typical classroom setting to advance our collective knowledge of the digital marketing ecosystem via innovative projects.

Teams of two to four students each will work with me and a top digital consulting firm to develop and research an original idea that will would be of interest to the business community and would advance our understanding of this new and ever-changing industry. At the beginning of the project, I will assist each student team with determining the appropriate budget necessary to complete the project. Each student team will be required to collect data for their project by paying survey respondents, purchasing data sets, and/or A/B testing paid content via digital channels, such as Google and Facebook. They may also need to purchase tools or equipment related to their project (e.g., VR equipment, chatbot tools). At the completion of the project, each student team will have the opportunity to put together a slide deck deliverable of their work for the organization.

The students and I will meet weekly for discussions over lunch or breakfast, which will be provided. During these discussions, the student teams will present updates on their projects and seek feedback from me and the other teams. These discussions are meant to guide the students to think about the research process in this industry, and refine skills relevant to the project. This process will culminate in a student-led presentation to the organization and to the other student groups. The location of the presentation (on Grounds vs. at the company’s headquarters in Cambridge, MA) is to be determined.

I would love to be able to provide two to three teams the opportunity to participate in this collaboration. The personal connection gained by working closely with students is invaluable. I believe that true learning takes place when professors understand who their students are outside of the classroom and who they aspire to be. I am grateful for the opportunity to get to know my students and to see their learning evolution during their time at UVA and as they embark on their careers.

Overall, this project offers students the opportunity to gain insight into the industry and interactions with members of the organization which are incomparable. I hope that working with them on cutting-edge projects in an industry which is at the forefront of business and news will provide them with a unique and memorable experience that will also help them on their path to success.


Proposed Budget

Breakfast/lunch for students meetings: $1,000

Data collection and tools: $2,000