Noel Lobley / Music

Summary    With a cohort of undergraduate students, we will programme, host, curate and discuss a series of film screenings and listening sessions exploring music, sound, biography and identity.

The Idea     My Dream Idea is to work with a small team of students and invited filmmakers and artists, to curate a program of film screenings and listening sessions that explore the visceral and emotional thrill of listening to music and sound. Even after decades as a professional DJ, sound and events curator, and artist, I still feel inspired by my earliest experiences listening to music with friends, seeking immersion in it through other media, and designing and creating public events and communities. I want to share with students what it means to curate sound and music, using different media formats to explore musical experience, and connecting these moments and experiences with broader themes and ideas. We will identify a range of venues to work with – both on and off Grounds – including Open Grounds, Wilson Hall, private homes, and professional venues such as The Bridge. As we develop the series we will learn the value of exploring music from a variety of media, and of designing events to maximize their aesthetic, social and creative value.

Impact      While curation has become a common term, I want to share my training as a music and sound curator with students so they have a deeper understanding of questions of interpretation, analysis and design. I also want to encourage students to professionalize and make public their own private listening practices, so they can articulate their musical passions within broader social settings.

Activities     Throughout the year we will host a series of film screenings and listening sessions about music and sound. Two of these sessions will be led by invited musicians or film-makers, and our final session will culminate in a curated event in a professional public venue in Charlottesville which will be open to the general public.

Each of the sessions will be catered for all students, so we eat and drink together before and during our activities.

Selection     I anticipate drawing up to 15 undergraduate students to attend the entire series of events. After the first handful of events are programmed by myself, we will move towards active co-curation so that students are involved in selecting the films and albums/ artists, as well as the themes for exploration and discussion, that will form the basis of our content.

 Overall Objective     Students will learn the value in creating public communities of listening and sharing, through music, film, food, and conversation. As we rotate venues, students will learn what it means to program and curate music and sound events. Together we will celebrate what it means to be a fan of music, sound, and film and to share and articulate this passion among friends and in wider social circles.



8-10 film screenings / listening sessions in a range of venues

Catering = $1,500 ($150-200 per session)

Money for two invited speakers/ film-makers/ artists - $1,000 ($600 for travel, $400 for accommodation)

Venue costs (miscellaneous) - $300

Publicity for final public event - $200

TOTAL: $3000