Diana Morris / SEAS

For the dream idea, I have been in touch with Margot Shetterly, author of the book Hidden Figures (and a UVA alumna).  She was receptive to meeting with some of our engineering students over a meal.  While she was not able to confirm dates or details so early, my plan is roughly this:

1. Hold a preliminary meeting with the students who will be participating (to include a meal and book / film discussion).  I might rent the film on Netflix and arrange a small viewing for any of the students who haven't yet seen it.

2.  Travel to Hampton, Virginia to meet Ms. Shetterly.  Have a long chat over a meal.

3.  After our return, enjoy one more meal together to discuss the experience and other ideas that resulted from the trip.


Initial meal and movie viewing for 15 students and professor at $20 pp: $330

Rental van/gas to travel to Hampton, plus snacks: $300

Meal with Ms. Shetterly for 15 students and professor @ $35pp: $600

Honorarium for Ms. Shetterly: $50

Follow up meal with 15 students and professor @ $20pp: $320

TOTAL: $1600