Ted Coffey / Music

My dream idea is to make a Children’s Record with a small group of dedicated students. The project will involve regular meetings to examine existing literature and develop material. Ideas regarding musical style and forces will come from the group. Musical performance by Charlottesville children — as choirs, percussion ensembles, etc. — will likely be a key aspect of the record. I will suggest as possible collaborators existing institutions in the local community, such as local schools, libraries, the Boys & Girls Club of Central Virginia, music and theatre education institutions, a Capella groups, senior communities, and music-oriented social service institutions such as the Music Resource Center [http://musicresourcecenter.org/]. Following development material will be recorded locally in a professional studio or studios. The project will grant participants the experience of shepherding musical work from beginning to professionally realized end.

The project combines an area of my teaching — songwriting, the art of record- making and production — with the idea that artfully designed and executed community building through art is itself an important, critical kind of art. The project will seek to bring diverse actors in the community together in a common purpose. I imagine being involved in every aspect of these processes: that students and I will develop songs and pieces together, and work on the arrangements together; that I will be present at meetings and rehearsals involving third parties; and that I will direct / produce the recording sessions. Following recording, the project will be mastered and released digitally on iTunes, etc. The project will culminate in a release party with live performance.

A rough budget would include approximately $250 for refreshments during development meetings, $1,750 for studio fees, $500 for professional musicians’ fees, and $250 for release party refreshments.