Andre Cavalcante / Media Studies

As someone whose scholarship explores media, culture, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) issues, my Dream Idea is an integration of these interests.  I would like to host an “LGBTQ Dinner Series in Charlottesville”.  I will invite 6 students and 1 other professor to a series of 4 dinners at local restaurants in downtown Charlottesville.  Students do not often venture downtown, so this is a chance for them to see more of Charlottesville.  At each dinner we will discuss certain contemporary issues dealing with LGBTQ culture and politics.  The topics will include: 1) issues beyond gay marriage, 2) the new transgender visibility in media, 3) social and online technologies, and 4) global LGBT issues.  I will also purchase two books that address these issues for each of the students so we have a common frame of reference for discussion.  The experience will culminate in a trip to Richmond.  We will attend an LGBTQ themed theatrical production and go out to dinner.  Another professor and I will provide transportation for students.    

The goal of the dinners and the trip is to promote socialization between students and faculty, and to nurture appreciation of LGBTQ culture, politics, and performance.   

Richmond Visit Itinerary

Dinner at a Richmond Restaurant:  Can Can Brasserie in the “Carytown” district, a loud and whimsical French inspired eatery

Show at “Richmond Triangle Players,” a theatre company that specializes in productions centering on sexual and gender diversity.  In October, they are staging a show called “Buyer & Cellar.” 

Proposed Budget:

Series of 4 Dinners  $1,600
Books – 2 books for 8 students $400
Excursion to Richmond
—Tickets $320
—Transportation $165
—Dinner $515
Total $3000