The University
is now experiencing
faculty turnover.

(A wave of retirements means 50% of the College faculty must be replaced in just 5 years.)

New Professor Dinner 13 (1).jpg

How do we keep the tradition
of close faculty-student
engagement from being
with the changing tide?


New Professor Dinner 12.jpg

Held in partnership with the deans, these dinners present a powerful opportunity to inspire new faculty during their first impressionable days at the University.

We begin by showing this film. Then, to turn inspiration into action, we give each new professor Boots Bucks, a budget of $200 to host a social gathering with students within 60 days.

A professor teaching "Arabic Delights" used Boots Bucks to take students to a Middle Eastern restaurant, where they compared the dishes to 10th century cookbooks they were studying.

Petrovic BB.jpg

A music professor invited students to his home for listening parties; each student had to bring a piece of music to share.

A teacher of religious ethics held A Fair Trade Food Fest, where the students joined in to shop for an ethically-sourced meal, which they prepared together.


This program was recently expanded to include new faculty in the College, Engineering, McIntire, and Darden. Next year, we plan to add Architecture, Batten, Education and Nursing.