Mid July

Date by which incoming faculty honorees should submit their Dream Idea proposals to Ruth Haile for review.


August 28

Date by which outgoing faculty honorees should submit their presentations to Tom Darbyshire for inclusion in the presentation deck for the 16 September dinner


Early September

Date when new Mead Money cards


8 September 2017

Welcome Dinner for New Faculty of the College. Rotunda.  Cocktails at 6. Dinner at 7. Coat and tie/cocktail. RSVP required.


16 September, 2017

Rotunda Dinner for Mead Honored Faculty, Mead Advisory Board members, and Honored Guests. Cocktails at 6. Dinner at 7.  Suit/cocktail attire. RSVP required.


17 September, 2017

Business meeting for Advisory Board Members. Alumni Hall. 9AM. Coffee and light breakfast.


Thanksgiving Break

Date by which new faculty of the College must use their Boots Bucks allowance for a social engagement with students. Disbursement form here.


Graduation, May

Date by which Mead Money debit cards must be used to treat a student to a meal of coffee.


13 June 2018

100th anniversary of Mr. Mead’s birth.  Send a picture and note to show us how you celebrated!


Every day

…is a good day to start a conversation, and a friendship, with a student.